Saturday, August 18, 2007

A correction

In a recent post titled On Sky Blue Sky by Wilco, I attacked Eye Weekly music critic for what I saw as a backhanded shot at one of my favourite bands. I also accused him of getting a Jeff Tweedy guitar solo confused with a Nels Cline solo. Paul, who seems like a nice guy, commented on the post:

"Hey Marco, I loved this album! I didn't mean to be sneaky. Or get the guitar player's name wrong. =)

To be honest, it's the only Wilco album I've really enjoyed (all the way through, at least) since Being There and the Mermaid Avenues.

Paul I"

Paul did not get the guitar player's name wrong. I did. Nels Cline does indeed play the solo on "You Are My Face," as Paul asserted in his review. I assumed, wrongly, that the solo was Tweedy's doing, since it's similar to the Neil Young crunch he employs on "At Least That's What You Said" from A Ghost Is Born. My apologies, Paul.


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