Saturday, September 25, 2010

On The Globe and Mail

When the French arrived in North America, they brought guns, giving them a huge military advantage over the natives, who waged wars with bows, arrows and spears. When battles broke, guns won. The natives, needing to adapt, had two options:

1) Attempt to build the best damn bows, arrows and spears ever seen;
2) Get guns.

Unlike The Globe and Mail, they chose the latter.


The Globe's brass believe they will save the brand by spending $1.9 billion on a print redesign. This is not shocking, since deluded people tend to sit in the front offices of most media companies. But as someone who still kinda cares about journalism, I find it disappointing.

That the Internet is better than the newspaper has been obvious for at least half a decade. The newspaper’s only advantage—portability—is being eroded by the iPad, Kindle and SmartPhones. Soon enough, all reading fans will carry these devices, the same way that today's music fans all own iPods. Then old people will die, and newspapers will join bows, arrows and spears in the museum of history.

With the kind of money it's spending, the Globe should have gone for the guns.

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Blogger alf said...

I totally agree with you. I get all my daily news from my globe and mail app on my iphone. It is the most convenient form of getting news. Despite all the technological advances such as (kindle, iphone,ipad) a lot of people still like their print media. Getting the newspaper on your front step, or reading the paper at a coffee shop or in the park. I read that periodicals are actually selling more than ever before. And, remember for some guns are complicated haha

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