Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The New Yorker, The Style Issue
Modern Drummer, The Prog Rock Issue
The Rebel Sell (Second reading)

Arrested Development, Season Three
Battlestar Gallactica, Season 2.5 (Second viewing)

Grizzly Bear at the Mod Club
The Hives at The Phoenix
Black Moutain at The Horseshoe Tavern
The Besnard Lakes at The Horseshoe Tavern
The National at The Phoenix
Spoon at The Kool Haus

Listening to:
The National discography
Caribou Andorra
The New Pornographers Challengers
Elvis Presley The 1969 Memphis Anthology (Second obsession)
Ryan Adams Heartbreaker
Songs from Rolling Stone magazine's Top 500 songs of all-time I've never heard before
Homemade "History of Psychedelic Music" mixes


Blogger Exubai Negedikos said...

The first post in nearly a month that isn't a repost and it's a list of stuff you're watching, rewatching, reading and rereading? Weak.

Also, I'm planning to attend at least fifty percent of those rock and roll concerts.

Coincidentally enough, I'm working on a series of open letters (the reason I haven't actually posted much), not the least-scathing of which is to Ticketmaster.

10:23 AM  
Blogger Marco Ursi said...

Writing for a living tends to put a strain on the creative mind necessary to do the lengthy essays this blog is best-know/loved for. But I've been working on something about capitalism in my head since our recent island excursion. Stay tuned.

12:31 PM  

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