Saturday, November 06, 2010

On bands that sound like The Beatles

: Is it fair to talk about bands that sound like other bands?

George: “Watchu talkin’ bout Willis?”

Paul: We should be talking about songs, not bands.

John: Keep going...

Paul: How many Beatles were there?

John: Four.

Paul: No, but I mean, how many versions of The Beatles were there?

John: Thirteen?

Paul: One for each studio album?

John: Yes.Paul: I like it. But think of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Taxman”; greater, individually, as songs, than Revolver as a whole. Nick Hornby once wrote, “Oasis spent their whole career trying to achieve what The Beatles achieved with ‘Rain.’” It’s an exaggeration--maybe I’m misquoting... But it’s kind of true, no?

George: They should put everything on the Internet.

John: It's true enough.

George: True-ish.

Richard: “Truth-y.”

Paul: So The Beatles aren’t thirteen bands—more like 130 bands, a different band for almost every song, in terms of influence.

John: Seen.

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